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Relive previous Sorting Out experiences. Find testimonies, pictures, videos and other resources from our several retreats over the years.


Shawn Faqua

Actor, Model and Presenter
Sorting Out furnishes you with deep truths about God. You may be fighting a battle and losing because your understanding of what needs to be done is poor. Sorting out fixes that.

Nathaniel Bassey

Pastor and Musician

Coming together to praise God is always a great privilege, especially in an atmosphere such as this. Sorting Out provides access for people (young and old) to express their hearts to God genuinely.

Maje Ayida

Wellness Coach, Columnist and Speaker.

I didn’t know I needed sorting out when I attended. I was suffering from the after-effects of an injury and surgery. After Sorting-out, everything changed. I became happier and healthier.

Aaron’s Testimony

Watch this amazing testimony about how Aaron became his company’s CEO after attending Sorting Out.

Rejoice’s Testimony

Our God is amazing. She had only 2% of blood in her body and 3 months to live. That changed at Sorting Out. She experienced healing and an outpouring of joy, peace and hope.

Bez Idakula & Other Testimony

Sorting Out experiences shared by lovely people whose lives have been blessed and transformed from the experience.

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