Upcoming Retreats

Sorting Out Calendar 2024

Birmingham UK: 2nd – 4th February  ✅

Italy: 16th – 18th February  ✅

Ministers Sorting Out: 10th – 12th April  ✅

Abuja Sorting Out: 17th – 19th May  ✅

Kaduna Mega Sorting Out: 14th – 18th June  ✅

Birmingham UK: 5th – 7th July

Atlanta, USA: 12th – 14th July

Baltimore, USA: 19th – 21st July

London, UK: 6th – 8th September

Scotland, UK: 13th – 15th September

Youth Sorting Out (Basic Edition) Dates For 2024

Port-Harcourt, Rivers State:
Wednesday 1st – Saturday 4th May, 2024  ✅

Benin City, Edo State:
Wednesday 5th – Saturday 8th June, 2024  ✅

Wednesday 3rd – Saturday 6th July, 2024

Akwa Ibom:
Wednesday 7th – Saturday 10th August, 2024

Cross Rivers:
Wednesday 4th – Saturday 7th September, 2024

Wednesday 2nd – Saturday 5th October, 2024

Wednesday 6th – Saturday 9th November, 2024

Ibadan, Oyo State:
Wednesday 6th – Saturday 9th November, 2024

Wednesday 4th – Saturday 7th December, 2024


Lagos, Ibadan and Warri – Nigeria


Lagos: 17th -19th February – Youth Sorting Out

Lagos: 3rd – 5th March – General Sorting Out – POSTPONED

Lagos: 14th -16th April – Youth Sorting Out

Lagos: 21st – 23rd April – General Sorting Out

Lagos: 19th -21st May – Youth Sorting Out Confirmed

Lagos: 23rd -25th June – Youth Sorting Out

Lagos: 21st July – 23rd July – General Sorting Out

Lagos: 14th -16th July – Youth Sorting Out

Lagos: 15th -17th September – Youth Sorting Out

Lagos: 22nd – 24th September – General Sorting Out

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